Beautifully stylized systems and objects made to define and sub-divide internal spaces.

Rimadesio offers simple, linear, and concrete design executed at an exceptional level of technical skill and technological innovation. Glass doors, sliding panels, and shelving create a large and varied collection of systems for partitioning internal spaces.

This chosen theme of interior design was conscious effort in order to focus all its technological research, identifying the functional needs of the general public and offering a great variety of technical innovative solutions. Rimadesio’s glass doors and sliding panels are available in several different types of finish and transparency to suit any project’s need. They also employ rail, and magnetic lock systems developed and updated by Rimadesio.

Aluminum and glass are the two ‘manifesto materials’ of the ecodesign vision at Rimadesio. Not only are these materials (and their packaging) 100% recyclable, both materials use an exclusive collection of matte lacquers called Ecolorsystem which is produced in-house using only the latest in water paints.

Rimadesio’s production plants are solar powered and managed at an excess (energy stored for later use) which has led to the first large scale power storage plant in Europe at an industrial level.






Architect and designer Giuseppe Bavuso lives and works in Seregno, Lombardy. His work combines the rigor of minimalist style with comprehensive technical expertise, employing advanced technology and innovative materials. Since 1986, and through his own product design company, he’s worked on projects for firms in the bio-medical equipment field and in the furnishing sector. He collaborates with a number of companies in the role of designer and art director, working on products from their inception through to planning and design, and finally, on the related visual communication.