The Stool Collection


High, low, fixed, adjustable, tilting and stackable for outdoor spaces, the office, the home and all occasions. The stool collection by Lapalma is the most extensive there is.

A collection characterized by the particular structure in aluminum, by exclusive design details, by the mechanisms of movement and by shelves equipped with integrated led lighting system. A proposal available in different sizes and with different technical internal equipment.

Ap by Eero Shin Azumi

A 3D sheet, inspired by the Japanese tradition of origami. But instead of paper, here we can find wood, which has been curved using a sophisticated technique to achieve a splendid stylistic result, without forgetting functionality: AP offers unexpected comfort.

Aria by Romano Marcato

Impalpable and iconic, ARIA is the very essence of the outdoor chair: a simple metal frame, with a square cross-section, is wrapped in a continuous length of rope to create the seat and backrest, resulting in a natural and highly contemporary style. 

Continuum by Fabio Bortolani

A line determines the shape. Like a metal paper clip, CONTINUUM is a band that gently bends to become three dimensional. Its components – the footrest or the seat – are seamlessly integrated in its structure.

Cuba + Cubo by Enzo Berti

The CUBA+CUBO collection is based on a square concept – in black, white and natural wood. Geometric and perpendicular lines, with a rigorous and rigid appearance, reveal surprising comfort, thanks to the light shape of the seat.

Giro by Fabio Bortolani

GIRO a stool with an archetypal shape that recalls bygone days and tradition. Now redesigned with a contemporary look, it features a screw, which adjusts the seat to the height required, and 4 slender metal legs attached to a circle that guarantees stability.

Kai by Shin Azumi

In the KAI collection, the stool is the purest expression of a versatile and modern furnishing item. What about its distinctive features? It has a rigorous design and an unconventional bent detail that characterizes the curve of the backrest.

Lab by Karri Monni

Ideal in a lab – hence its name, LAB – but also in the office, the home and a bar. This collection, a contemporary expression of a traditional industrial design item, is aimed at furnishing elegant modern spaces. 

Lem by Shin & Tomoko Azumi

The LEM collection reveals its character with an iconic stool, with a perfectly minimalist and closed shape. What is the idea behind it? Sophisticated and timeless elegance, developed in an entire range of bright colours, different textures and various materials.

Link by Hee Welling

Form follows technique: this design is the result of a woodworking technique, which allows the wood, after being bent, to acquire 3D appeal. The gap in the backrest makes the stool visibly light and airy.

Mak by Patrick Norguet

This dynamic, colorful all-round stool has a French flair to it. MAK has been designed with a ring effect i.e. perfectly proportioned circles that form the backrest, footrest and seat, balancing its load-bearing frame.

Miunn by Karri Monni

An embracing shell shape made of wood: the MIUNN chair and stool – available in various leg versions and in different heights – easily adapt to all types of tops and tables. The shape supports and accompanies the back while, embracing the seat with its soft line.

Ryo by Enzo Berti

Functionality comes first. The RYO collection comprises an original light stool, with sculpted appeal. RYO has a seat mounted on a height-adjustable column, resting on a slightly tilted base.

Seela by Antti Kotilainen

SEELA is the ideal combination of wood, a material that is part of Lapalma’s DNA, and polypropylene. Versatile and light, its distinctive feature is an insert that follows the sinuous shapes of the frame, perfectly integrating with it.

Stil by Patrick Norguet

A light contemporary version of bistrot models, the STIL collection – a chair and a stool – is a very trendy one. A single material, metal, and a play of bright colours allow countless combinations and compositions.

Thin by Karri Monni

Nordic and rigorous: in the THIN collection, wood harmoniously supports the shape of the body, becoming thicker in the central part. This change in thickness makes the chair very sturdy while remaining visibly light.

Wil by Romano Marcato

The WIL stool was inspired by the automotive sector.  Featuring an innovative 3-leg base, WIL, available in powder-coated metal or satin chrome, has a comfortable wide swivel seat with visible stitching that resembles the shape of a steering wheel. 








Balancing craftsmanship with industrial techniques, efficient production and a focus on details, Lapalma produces and sells its quality design worldwide. Chairs, armchairs, stools and tables are the result of ongoing research, aimed at creating truly innovative solutions that interact with each other. More than separate furnishing items, they are furniture systems that connect people.