The night owl. Mostly invisible during the day but coming to glamorous activity at night-time...’

“The new collection of lamps is made of blown glass modules, which are see-through and therefore almost inexistent at day-time.‎ But, when you switch them on in the dark, they transform into gorgeous, illuminated lamps.‎

The cylindrical glass modules set the basic grammar of the collection.‎ The single module is a lantern.‎ Several modules stacked on top of each other create a light column, or suspended chandelier inside a stair well.‎ Extra elements such a glass dome or cone shaped head allow for added performance such as a floorstanding uplighter and pendant.‎ The carefully calibrated LED technology which powers the lamps is discretely integrated into the junctions between the glass.”
Konstantin Grcic‎  






Founded by Sergio Gandini in 1962 in Merano, Italy, FLOS has revolutionized the art of lighting by honoring tradition while embracing innovation. Today, Sergio’s grandson Piero Gandini sits at the helm, holding fast to the values and ideas established by his grandfather while moving confidently into the future. At FLOS, a world of light blooms around you, beautifully.




Since setting up his own practice Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design (KGID) in Munich in 1991, he has developed furniture, products and lighting for some of the leading companies in the design field. Many of his products have received international design awards such as the prestigious Compasso d`Oro for his MAYDAY lamp (Flos) in 2001 and the MYTO chair (Plank) in 2011. Work by Konstantin Grcic forms part of the permanent collections of the world´s most important design museums (a.o. MoMA/New York, Centre Georges Pompidou/Paris).

Each of his products is characterized by a careful research into the history of design and architecture and his passion for technology and materials. Known for pared-down pieces, Grcic is often called a minimalist but the designer himself prefers to speak of simplicity.