Tense Material by MDF Italia

The modern table is now available in new range of traditional finishes: wood, brass, and stone.

Processed with a soft brushing that highlights their material qualities, they bring new tactile and visual qualities to one of MDF Italia’s bestselling products. The Brass is treated to a warm golden finish, the Stone, reconstructed from river stones, feels natural and soft, and the Wood provides a lived-in and organic character.

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Design: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Born in 1946, he worked as Technical Department Manager at Besana Mobili from 1962 to 1964. For the next decade, he worked as Research and Development Department Manager at Boffi Cucine, taking part in the European standardization of cabinets and built-in household appliances for kitchens.
In the past 20 years Piergiogio has earned many awards and nominations for his designs including “Chair of the Year” in 1995 for the Mariposa, and “Best System” for the Inside and Bora Bora collections. In 2010 the Tense table system was selected for the ADI Design Index cementing its status as one of the best in Italian design.